Nitrate Salts

It is very clear from the name of this category that all these chemical compounds, which it offers do contain salts of nitric acid. Nitrate anions along with the various elements from the periodic table, such as Lead, Potassium and barium form respective Nitrate Salts. These inorganic chemicals are available in different packaging sizes depending upon the field of the area, where these compounds are subjected to being used. Nitrogen is an essential part of plants nutrients, which is why offered slats are said to be used in number of industrial sectors for serving various processes. Along with finding their applications in the manufacturing of quality grade of glass by removing the air bubbles from molten glass, these Nitrate Salts are also being used in the hardening process of metals. Likewise, all the chemical compounds we do offer, these salts are also tested on chemical standards.

Properties of Nitrate Salts:

  • Nitrate Salts do fall in the category of inorganic salts.
  • These do have the purity of 99%.
  • These chemical compounds are needed to be used very carefully.
  • These can be used as the raw materials.
Product Image (Pb(NO3)2)

Lead Nitrate

Price: 1740.00 - 1780.00 USD ($)
  • Delivery Time:14 Days
  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Year
  • HS Code:2834.299090
  • Other Names:Lead (2+) Nitrate; Lead Dinitrate; Lead (II) Nitrate; Lead (2+); Plumbous Nitrate
  • CAS No:10099-74-8
  • Grade:Industrial Grade
  • Type:Industrial Grade
  • Classification:Inorganic Chemicals
  • Usage:Ore Flotation Agent, Mining,Cream-Colored Pigment, Porcelain Enamel, Yellow Pigment,Paper,Printing,Dyeing,Lead Salt,Tanning,Benzene,Photo sensitizer, Photo, Convergence Agents, Pharmaceutical, Oxidizing Agent, Matches, Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Explosives, Analytical Reagents
  • Purity:99% Min
Product Image (Ba(NO3)2)

Barium Nitrate

Price: 530.00 - 600.00 USD ($)
  • HS Code:2834.2990
  • Other Names:Barium Dinitrate; Nitric Acid, Barium Salt; Barium di nitrate
  • EINECS No:233-020-5
  • Type:Fireworks Type
  • Grade:Industrial Grade
  • CAS No:10022-31-8
  • Classification:Inorganic Chemicals
  • Usage:Firework, Firecracker, Green Signal Flares, Flame Tracer
  • Delivery Time:14 Days
  • Supply Ability:200000 Per Year
Product Image (KNO3)

Potassium Nitrate

Price: 740.00 - 750.00 USD ($)
  • Supply Ability:12000 Per Year
  • Delivery Time:14 Days
  • EINECS No:231-818-8
  • Other Names:Nitre; Nitric Acid Potassium Salt;
  • HS Code:2834.2190
  • Type:Industrial Grade
  • CAS No:7757-79-1
  • Usage:Fireworks to produce Purple Flame, Black Powder in Mining,Fuse (Ignition Wire) and Firecracker
  • Standard:99.7%,99.4%
  • Chemical Name:Potassium Nitrate

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